Alex Deserto The Cammino del Deserto is a project born from the passion for walking and hiking tour planning by its author and creator Alessandro Melis, graduated in Sociology and ‘Society, Territory and Environment’ at the University of Trento.
With this initiative, the author intends to simply share with other enthusiasts, especially if animated by the devotional spirit of the pilgrim, his personal experience of walking in 2020, where he started from his village in order to reach first the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Desert of Millesimo and then the Ligurian Sea, exactly as in a small Way of St. James.
In the meantime the route has been accredited by the Brotherhood of Santiago de Compostela.
The author willingly makes available all his knowledge of the route, such as GPS tracks and support points, including accommodations, so to facilitate those interested in leaving, to live as him this extraordinary experience of pilgrimage.
The author, however, is not responsible for any inaccuracies contained in this site, nor is he in any way responsible for any accidents or unforeseen events that may occur.
Whoever wishes to make this journey must therefore assume full responsibility.