The Credential

The Credential is the document that accompanies the pilgrim’s journey and that allows upon arrival
to receive the Testimonium, the special certificate of pilgrimage issued by the Sanctuary of the Desert to those who have completed the entire itinerary starting from Castagnole delle Lanze.

It is customary at the end of each stage to ask for the stamp of the accommodation facility in order to prove at the end of the route that the pilgrimage took place.
The first stamp is placed at the departure from the parish of Castagnole delle Lanze.
Of course, the credential can also bear the stamps of other sanctuaries encountered along the way, thus enriching the document with unforgettable memories.

The Credential, which is also valid for the Cammino del Deserto, is issued by the italian Confraternity of Saint James to pilgrims who formally request it. For more information please visit the Confraternity’s website by clicking on this link.

La Credenziale